Chapter 6 in 12

a catch up on the blog

I can't believe I haven't posted anything since March! (Okay, maybe I can). Mostly, I can't believe that we are already six months into the year, it feels like 2016  only just happened. Damn. 
I have a lot on my plate and mind lately...actually this year has been very busy and with a lot of growth, new habits and many personal changes. This year has me feeling more like an adult (26) and yet I find myself embracing my inner 90's kid more than I have before. So much to be grateful for and yet so much responsible planning required for me to get to where I want to be before i hit the next decade (30). The beauty of youth somewhat still manages to creep in the anxiety of getting older and attaining what I want in life. 
I have so much that i want to do, and yet I would love to do nothing all at the same time!  I have been contemplating starting an online magazine and moving my blog to a whole new site with a new look and blog  address etc.  I am currently designing an App with my brother that we are presenting soon - watch me die if we get funding for it!! Fingers-Crossed* and Super excited about my new position coming up at work, fashion programme manager! (not forgetting that "to him that much is given, much is required")

On the other side...I am preparing to move again - nothing new in that, in fact I love new places & the fresh start that comes with it - though this time, staying where I am has been 90% great times with 10% trials. The new space is so spacious and newly renovated, and it will take many months to furnish it the way i might like to. But all that is fine, life of a single girl in the city seems to holds no boundaries!  I have also been realigning my goals with God and it surprises me to learn how much i have changed, from my priorities, emotions to my calmness towards situations. I get the feeling that i am kind of glad to be seeing the transformation though. 

I have attained a few things I really wanted this year, many may not be material but i am happy with where i am, more so visioning the possibilities of what I can do. The past has given me lots of hope for the future and really strengthened my faith and will power. This only leaves me running towards the next things... currently I've been wanting to experience a different city outside South Africa (and it so happens that i will be going overseas for the first time this year July - excited!). 

4 years ago i came across an interview by Garance Dor e where she spoke to one of my now inspirational black women, Chioma Nnadi. This lady spoke of having taken a brave leap that landed her a job that she had wanted, this story (below) got me taking a few leaps of my own and still reminds me to continue taking chances towards the things i want in life. I am learning not to settle for anything outside what I love - and especially since i am still young. 

I have put certain things on hold to really give my best at getting the career and lifestyle want for myself. Having a child will come much later (i always joked to a friend that my salary & marriage will determine when i can start thinking about babies), a boyfriend/husband/partner will find me already running my own race/on the journey (hopefully he will be fulfilling his own too) and God, i pray that He will continue leading my everyday steps.   

I find myself really excited about life in my mid 20's and only hope that this excitement will grow with age. 

Chioma Nnadi interview quote...
"When I was in college, I was very much into style magazines. This was before there were blogs, so there was no other way to get news other than reading magazines. There was one called Trace and they did an issue on Brazil and I was really obsessed with Brazil at the time. I was so taken by it, I ended up writing them a letter. I decorated it and I painted it; I put a lot of work into that letter. I was super young, like 18 or 19. So I sent it off, forgot about it, and then I opened the magazine 6 months later, and there was my letter photographed in the magazine. " (link to full interview here)